Proposed Amendment to the Seniors Housing SEPP

Proposed new rules for Site Compatibility Certificates (SCC)

Under the State Environmental Planning Policy (Housing for Seniors People with a Disability) 2004 (Seniors SEPP) development for seniors hosing is permissible subject to meeting the requirements and in some cases requiring a SCC. Modification to the State Policy governing housing for seniors has been proposed in relation to the use of SCC's. 

The amendments address the practice of incremental expansion of land for seniors housing through the application of Site Compatibility Certificates. The revision will outline:

  • a SCC can not be issued for additional land, unless the land independently meets all the criteria for the SCC;
  • a SCC can not be amended to include additional land unless it meets the SCC criteria; and
  • a SCC can be reissued for a site which the original SCC applied if the SCC is no longer current, but it can not be extended to include additional land unless it independently meets the outlined criteria. 

The proposed policy will apply to all new applications for Site Compatibility Certificates lodged.