Primary Production and Rural Development

Last week the Department of Planning and Environment released draft planning reforms to improve the planning framework for primary production and rural development.  These are outlined within the Primary Production and Rural Development - Explanation of Intended Effect (EIE).

The reforms will consolidate the following five existing SEPPs:

  • State Environmental Planning Policy (Rural Lands) 2008 (Rural Lands SEPP)
  • State Environmental Planning Policy 30 - Intensive Agriculture (SEPP 30)
  • State Environmental Planning Policy 52 - Farm Dams and Other Works in Land and Water Management Plan Areas (SEPP 52)
  • State Environmental Planning Policy 62 - Sustainable Aquaculture (SEPP 62)
  • Sydney Regional Environmental Plan 8 - Central Coast Plateau Areas (SREP 8)

The proposals will: 

  • ensure planning provisions are up-to-date and provide support for primary industry and rural communities in meeting contemporary and emerging challenges;
  • improve the efficiency of planning processes, ensuring provisions are positioned at the appropriate level in the planning framework and in the most effective planning instrument to achieve the intended policy outcome;
  •  assist in delivering commitments in support of current and future farming practices, including management of land use conflict.

The planned repeal of the five SEPPs, together with the transfer and updating of provisions that remain relevant into the new SEPP or other existing planning instruments, will remove unnecessary duplication and overlap. This will support faster and streamlined project assessments and approvals.

The department is taking submissions until the 15th of January 2018.

For further information, visit the Department of Planning and Environments website -